12:14 - January 24, 2018
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Along with Shia Muslims worldwide, thousands of pilgrims celebrated the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Zaynab (AS), the beloved daughter of Imam Ali (SA), at the mausoleum of the first Shia Imam in Najaf, Iraq.

Hazrat Zaynab (SA) Birthday Celebrated at Imam Ali (AS) Holy Shrine



According to the website of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Ali (AS) holy shrine, a special ceremony was held at the mausoleum on the auspicious occasion on Tuesday.

It included religious singing and poetry recitation in praise of the great lady.

Tuesday was the fifth day of the month of Jamdi al-Awwal in the lunar Hijri calendar.




The day marks the birthday of Hazrat Zaynab (SA).

The daughter of Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (AS), Hazrat Zaynab (SA) is known as the symbol of patience and fortitude in the face of calamities and tragedies.

She and her two sons accompanied Imam Hussein (AS) on the Event of Ashura where her two sons were martyred and she was taken as captive to Kufa and then to Damascus.

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