15:18 - January 05, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The groundbreaking ceremony of a Quran memorization and interpretation teaching center was held in the Quranabad village in the southern Iranian city of Estahban.


The Bayt al-Ahzan Hazrat Zahra (AS) Institute will construct the center, which would be the largest boarding school for seminary students learning Quranic sciences.  

It will be built in a 20,000 square meter plot of land, donated to the institute by a charitable person.

According to Fars, a number of religious and officials, were present at the ceremony.

Quranabad is a village in Fars province where 63 villagers are memorizers of the entire Quran (the suffix ‘abad’ in Persian means village; hence, Quranabad means the village of the Quran).

With a population of 1200, the village has arguably the highest per capita number of Quran memorizers in the world.

It was in 1996 when efforts began to turn the village, then known as Mohammadabad, into a Quranic village.

Back then, when there was not a single memorizer of the Quran in Mohammadabad, a number of clerics began working to promote the culture Quran reading and memorization in the village.

They launched the Quranic-cultural institute named Bayt al-Ahzan Hazrat Zahra (SA) which started hosting Quran reading and memorization courses.


Groundbreaking of Quran Memorization Center in Southern Iran


Soon the institute developed its activities and now it has 165 branches across the country, according to Fars news agency.

In 2001, a Quran memorization school was inaugurated in Mohammadabad and in just one year, seven of its students learned the entire Quran by heart.

Not only those from Mohammadabad, but people from nearby villages and towns, and even from other countries like Afghanistan and Indonesia, registered at the school to memorize the Quran.



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