18:47 - April 12, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – India’s representative in the 4th international Quran contest for the visually-impaired referred to commitment and practicing hard as important factors in learning the Quran.


Speaking to IQNA, Sayyed Nur al-Haq referred to his learning of the Quran and said he first became interested in Quranic activities while on Umrah pilgrimage with his father in Makkah.

“In that trip, I, a small child, got interested in learning the Quran after listening to recitations of the Quran by the pilgrims.”

Nur al-Haq, who likes the recitation style of Abdul Basit, said he started learning the Quran by heart by listening to Quran recitations by Abdul Basit on tapes.

“Later, a Quran master also helped me in my Quran memorization. The teacher would recite verses from the Quran once and then I would repeat the verses ten times to memorize them.”

He said his father, mother and other members of the family were a source of encouragement in his pursuit of memorizing the entire Quran.

Starting Quran memorization at the age of ten, he became a memorizer of the Quran in three years.

The Indian Quran activist, who is 38 years old now, said that every night he reads some three Juzes (parts) of the Quran before going to bed.

Currently, he himself is a teacher of the Quran and has many students, some of whom have managed to become memorizers of the entire Quran with his help.    


Practice, Dedication Main Factors in Learning Quran


Nur al-Haq, who is from the city of Bangalore, regretted that there are few visually-impaired individuals in the city who learn the Quran.

It is his first trip to Iran and first participation in an international Quran competition.

The final stage of the 4th international Quran contest for the visually-impaired was officially launched in Tehran on Wednesday along with four other international Quran competitions- those for men, women, seminary students and school students.

The five Quranic events will run until April 14.   

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