9:43 - June 10, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The top participants at a Quran competition jointly held by Radio Bilal and the Iranian Cultural Center in Uganda were announced in a ceremony in Kampala, the capital.



According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the Supreme Council of Muslims in Kampala hosted the closing ceremony of the competition.

It was attended by Sheikh Sha’ban Ramadan Mubaje, the Grand Mufti of Uganda, Mohammad Reza Ghezelsofla, the Iranian cultural attaché in the African country, and a group of imams of mosques and religious and cultural figures of the country.

Memorization of the entire Quran, 15 and 10 Juzes (parts) of Quran and recitation were the categories of the contest.

It was held for 20 days for 120 students of elementary and secondary schools at the studio of Radio Bilal and 15 top Quran memorizers and Qaris were selected as winners.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the competition, the Mufti thanked the Iranian Cultural Center for its cooperation in holding the competition and supporting religious and cultural programs of the Uganda Muslims Supreme Council.

He called upon imams of mosques and Muslim elites of the country to work for strengthening unity, peace and brotherhood among Muslims of the region based on the Islamic teachings and avoid issues that result in divisions.

The Iranian cultural official also addressed the event, saying that one of the objectives of memorizing the Quran is to act upon the teachings of the Quran.

He also said that the Iranian center plans to hold special courses to promote the Quranic skills of Quran memorizers, reciters and interpreters in Uganda.

Stressing that the Holy Quran is the cure for all diseases and solution for all problems, Ghezelsofla said a lack of spirituality, wisdom and awareness is the reason behind violence, insecurity and oppression in the world.

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