13:11 - August 11, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iran’s Consul General and cultural envoy in Istanbul met with the city’s new Mufti.




Bakhtiar Assadzadeh and Kurosh Moqtaderi met with Mufti Mehmet Amin Mashali in the city’s Dar al-Ifta.

They discussed cooperation between the two countries in cultural, religious and Quranic fields.

Mashali highlighted Iran’s history and civilization and noted that he has traveled to the country several times.

He said he represented Turkey in the Islamic Republic’s international Quran competition in 1986.

“Since then, I have attended the competition as a member of the panel of judges several times” he added.

Mashali also referred to the many Quran interpretations written in Persian and noted that a Quran exegesis named Nemouneh is being translated from Persian into Turkish.

During the meeting, Assadzadeh highlighted the religious and cultural common grounds between Iran and Turkey and expressed hope for the development of religious and Quranic cooperation between the two countries.

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