14:37 - November 23, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A former Kuwaiti cabinet minister said Muslim proximity does mean domination of one Islamic school of thought over others.


Speaking to IQNA, Abdul Hadi Abdul Hamid al-Saleh said this notion is an unjust and wrong one that some ignorant and prejudiced individuals seek to spread.

Proximity among Muslims means highlighting and enhancing common grounds among Muslims and set aside marginal issues, he stressed.

Al-Sakeh added that this can be achieved via holding dialogue and promoting interaction among Islamic schools of thought.

He further referred to ignorance as a major challenge in the Muslim world today, saying the world arrogance tries to use this to sow discord among Muslims.

Another challenge is the emergence of Takfiri and extremist groups that try to impose their distorted ideas on Muslims, the former minister stated.

As for the root causes of extremism, he said it stems from poverty, unemployment and political oppression in some Muslim countries.

Al-Saleh was in Iran last week to attend the 33rd edition of the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.

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