12:37 - December 14, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Palestinian scholar who is writing an Tafseer (Quran interpretation) urged that an international organization be founded to oversee interpretations of the Quran.


Speaking to IQNA, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Zaghmout, who lives in Lebanon and heads the Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon, said Shia and Sunni scholars should work together to found such an organization.

He said establishing it is a necessity in order to counter deviated ideologies that originate from wrong interpretations of some verses of the Quran.

Deviated and extremist groups interpret Quranic verses in a way that is not consistent with the intention of the verses, the cleric deplored.

Elsewhere, he noted that he is writing a Quran exegesis in Arabic named Al-Taysir fi Tafseer.

He said it is a brief interpretation of the Holy Book that can be useful for ordinary readers, especially university students.

Using difficult, complicated and obsolete words and expressions has been avoided in writing the Tafseer so that everyone can read and understand it, he said.


Palestinian Scholar Urges Founding World Organization for Supervising Tafseers  


Sheikh Zaghmout added that many ordinary people have difficulty understanding not only old Tafseers but also many contemporary Quran exegeses because there are many difficult words and terms in them.

According to the cleric, there should be a campaign for simplifying Quran interpretations so that anyone can benefit from them.

He further referred to translations of the Quran and said translators should ma efforts to convey the content and message of verses accurately and pay attention to the Shaan Nuzul (occasions or circumstances of revelation).



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