14:26 - December 30, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Head of Iran’s Quran Competitions Foundation said from now on international Quran contests for the visually-impaired and seminary students will be held every two years.


Speaking to IQNA, Karim Dolati said the two Quranic events have been held annually so far but it was decided that they be organized in the country biennially like the international Quran competitions for university and school students.  

He added that like before, Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition will be held annually.

In the next edition, slated for April 2020, Dolati said, Tarteel recitation will be added to the categories of contest, namely recitation and memorization.

Int’l Quran Contests for Seminary Students, Visually-Impaired to Be Held Biennially


Iran’s international Quran competition is annually held in the lunar month of Rajab by the country’s Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization.

The 36th edition was held here in Tehran on April 10-14, 2019.

Quran reciters and memorizers from 84 countries took part in the Quranic event, and simultaneous international Quran contests for women, the visually-impaired, seminary students and school students.

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