14:43 - February 23, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Lebanese political analyst described the US-proposed so-called “deal of the century” plan as a one-sided plan rejected by all Palestinians.


Speaking to IQNA, Hakam Amhaz said the US-Zionist plan is totally in the interest Israel and to the detriment of Palestine.

In this plan, US President Donald Trump disregards all international treaties regarding Palestine and seeks to even trample on the Palestinians’ right of return to their homeland, he said.

“This is while we only recognize the historical Palestine that from the river to the sea and consider this a certain thing”.

Another thing with the plan is that it has been proposed by Trump and Israeli Prime Center Benjamin Netanyahu without consulting with and seeking the participation of the Palestinian side, Amhaz said.


All Palestinians United in Rejection of ‘Deal of Century’: Analyst  


All Palestinians no matter what their affiliations and beliefs are opposed to the plan, he underlined.

As for the status of the holy city of Quds according to the plan, the Lebanese expert said it would give only a tiny part in the suburbs of the city to the Palestinians and the future Palestinian state would have no sovereignty over the city.

Asked about the stances of the Arab League (AL) and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), some of whose member states like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates support the plan, he said some Arab countries like the Saudis, Emiratis and Bahrainis have mocked Arab nations by taking such stances.

These country attend the meetings of the OIC and AL and purportedly oppose the Trump plan but on the other hand they send their representatives to the White House ceremony in which the plan is unveiled, he deplored.

Trump last month unveiled his long-delayed Middle East plan, a proposal Palestinian leaders called a “conspiracy” that “will not pass”.

Following Trump’s announcement, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said “a thousand no’s to the plan.

The American plan has sparked widespread international condemnation.

The deal of century ploy, fronted by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, had already been rejected by the Palestinians, who say the White House’s policies have been blatantly biased in favor of Israel.

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