14:56 - August 10, 2020
News ID: 3472237
TEHRAN (IQNA) –  The following footage features two recitations of Surah Quraysh of the Holy Quran by prominent Egyptian Qari Mahmoud Shahat Muhammad Anwar.


Mahmood Shahat Anwar, the son of late Sheikh Muhammad Shahat Anwar, was born in 1984.

He memorized the entire Quran at the age of 12 and learned Quran recitation with his father.

He has won many top titles in national and international Quran competitions.

The top Qari has traveled to many countries, including Iraq, Iran, Qatar, the UAE, Algeria, Syria, Pakistan, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, and Belgium, for recitation of the Quran.

Surah Quraysh is the 106th chapter of the Quran consisting of 4 verses. The Surah was titled after the word “Quraysh” (the Quraysh tribe that lived in Mecca) in the first verse.





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