12:50 - September 30, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The region of Kashmir has been a crossroads of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, said Sarbaz Ruhollah Rizvi, a researcher and scholar.



Addressing a ceremony held to unveil a book about Kashmir he has recently translated, Rizvi said there are many Buddhist and Hindu sites in the region.

The ceremony was held at IQNA’s central office here in Tehran on Wednesday to unveil the book, which is a Persian translation of “Birth of a Tragedy: Kashmir, 1947” by Alistair Lamb, a diplomatic historian who has authored several books on Sino-Indian border dispute and the Indo-Pakistani dispute over Kashmir.  


Kashmir A Crossroads of Faiths


Rizvi said Islam arrived in Kashmir in the fifth century Hijri (12th century AD) and later spread in the region with the arrival of Iranian Muballiqs (propagator).

As for the book, he said Lamb in this book has investigated the issue of Kashmir and what happened in the region in 1947, benefitting from documents obtained from the British National Archives.

Also addressing the ceremony was Mir Mojarrabian, a former Iranian diplomat in India and Pakistan, who highlighted Iran’s cultural and civilizational influence on Kashmir.


Kashmir A Crossroads of Faiths


He also referred to the Kashmir dispute that has lasted for decades between Islamabad and New Delhi and said there is no military solution to the issue.

Mir Mojarrabian added that Iran can help to mediate between the two South Asian countries to resolve the Kashmir issue.


Kashmir A Crossroads of Faiths

Kashmir A Crossroads of Faiths



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