8:44 - September 25, 2021
News ID: 3475776
TEHRAN (IQNA) – 140 young Palestinian memorizers of Quran marched on the streets of Rafah.

The event was held by Al-Abrar Mosque of the Rafah City under the name of ‘bright faces’.

During the event, 140 teenagers and adolescents who have fully memorized Quran, walked on the streets of Rafah while wearing white cloths.

Al-Abrar Mosque announced that the event was held as part of activities to teach Quran memorization to children, according to Aljazeera. 

The name of the event came from Verse 38 of Abasa Sura which reads: “On that Day ˹some˺ faces will be bright.”

Quran Memorizers March in Gaza

Quran Memorizers March in Gaza



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